Investigation Of Effect Of n-Hexane Additives In Biodiesel On Combustion And Exhaust Emissions In Diesel Engines

Cihan Bayındırlı, Mehmet Celik, Mehmet Demiralp, Ilker Ors
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There are various studies concerning biodiesel fuel and its spraying, combustion and emission properties within the diesel engines. In the diesel engines, the hazardous emissions such as carbonmonoxide (CO), carbondioxide (CO2), hydrocarbon (HC) and particle matter (PM) decreased along with the use of biodiesel. However a slight increase in azotoxit (NOx) emissions was observed due to the use of biodiesel which is an oxygenated fuel. In this study; by volume 4% 12% and 20% n-Hexane were added in biodiesel which produced by transesterification from cottonseed oil. Engine tests were carried out at 6 rpm. The maximum moment obtained at 1400 rpm. The maximum increase in moment is 3.95% in CHX20 fuel, while the specific fuel consumption is reduced by 5.52%. At 1400 rpm, the maximum of cylinder pressure and heat dissipation is increased by increasing the ratio additive. As the n-Hexane ratio increases, the emissions of CO, THC and smoke decrease while NOx emissions increase.


Biodiesel, Fuel Additives, Combustion, Engine Performance, Exhaust Emissions

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