Improving aerodynamic performance for a reliable wiper system

Sertaç Çadırcı, Süleyman Emre Ak, Buğra Şelenbaş, Hasan Güneş
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In this study, it is aimed to simulate aerodynamic forces acting on the windshield wiper system on a simplified geometry at different blade angles. Numerical simulations reveal that at critical blade angles undesired lift forces can reach their peak values. The blade-spoiler geometry is modified in a manner to alter aerodynamic lift and drag forces. On a simplified front windshield it is shown that at a blade angle of 40 degree, lift forces can be converted to pressing forces by implementing suggested modifications. Furthermore Lambda-2 vortex identification is used to understand the formation of vortex structures at different blade angles. On the other hand, soiling tests are performed both on original and modified wiper geometries and their performances are compared.



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