Crash analysis and evaluation of the security road blocker (SRB) using finite element method

Engin Metin Kaplan, Kemal Yaman
1.344 410


In this study, the crashworthiness of a medium heavy vehicle onto a designed security road blocker (SRB) as a vehicle barrier is studied numerically and compared with full-scale on-site crash test results in the literature. Structural integrity of the road blocker is studied by nonlinear dynamic methods under the loading conditions which are defined in the standards (ASTM F2656-07). Ls-Dyna® software is used to solve the problem numerically. The penetration of the leading edge of the vehicle with respect to the attack face of the blocker is given both experimentally and numerically. Test and numerical results are compared. The comparison shows that; numerical results are in good agreement with the test results.


Vehicle barrier, impact mechanics, finite element, crash analysis, security road blocker

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